Ziraat Turkey Cup Final will be played on HATKO Hybridgrass on May 5, 2020

Turkey Football Federation has decided 2019-2020 Ziraat Turkey Cup Final to be hosted at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. As part of the renovations that has been commissioned by the UEFA, HATKO Hybridgrass has been installed at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium which will host the 2020 UEFA Champions League final on May 30.

TFF has accepted the petition to host a game prior to the final game; therefore the date of the Ziraat Turkey Cup has been changed to May 5th.

Selecting a hybrid grass system for the Atatürk Olympic Stadium has been a very deliberate decision. The first official game will be Ziraat Turkish Cup final on May 5th, and starting from match day -3, the stadium will host 3 separate ceremony rehearsals as well as training sessions of the finalist clubs.

The UEFA Champions League final is one of the most widely-viewed television events on the planet, expecting close to 200 million viewers, therefore there is immense pressure for the pitch to look and perform exceptionally on the game night.  The faster pitch recovery and durability of HATKO Hybridgrass ensures just that.